Ocean Forest Farm is a family-owned artisan raw dog food producer based in Noosa, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We started life in 2015 with the firm belief that a natural, raw diet produces healthier, happier, longer living dogs.

Today our approach remains uncomplicated – we believe nature knows best and only use 100% natural ingredients. We never use synthetic additives, fillers or preservatives. We use only the highest quality, human-grade, freshest ingredients, sourced from local suppliers.

To this day, our food is hand packed and snap frozen at our facility in Noosa, before being delivered direct to the door of dog lovers up and down the Sunshine Coast.

Why raw feeding?

As humans we know that if we consume a fresh, natural diet we will live longer, healthier lives. Similarly, we know too much processed food will lead to shorter, less healthy lives.

What holds true for humans applies equally to dogs. Dogs that eat a natural diet lead healthier and longer lives.

A species appropriate diet for a dog should contain the same type of whole foods and ingredients consumed by its wild ancestors and in the same form: raw. When food is cooked, its structure is altered and up to 70% of the nutritional value (certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) is lost. Furthermore, dogs need their food served raw in order to digest it properly.


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