About the Basics range

Our Basics range consists of simple, single protein recipes. They are perfect for DIY raw feeders wanting to create their own meals. Alternatively, they are great to mix in with dry food to get some added nutrition and flavour into a dog’s diet.

Each recipe contains a different profile of muscle meat, bone and offal. The meat and offal are an excellent source of protein, containing high levels of essential amino acids that are necessary for a dog's growth, maintenance and repair of tissues. Bones are a source of essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for strong bones and teeth.

(Note: if you are wanting a ‘Nutritionally Complete & Balance’ choice in accordance with AAFCO guidelines, head to our Premium range)

All our recipes are hand prepared and packed in small batches. The cuts of meat we use often vary from batch to batch which gives our recipes a unique variety. As a result, each batch can vary in colour and consistency.