About the Premium range

Our Premium range of raw food is as good as it gets for dogs! Each recipe is scientifically formulated to meet +30 of the most important canine nutritional requirements (from Vitamin A to Zinc!). You can be confident every meal you feed your dog is perfectly balanced to provide an optimal diet. 

Our Premium recipes contain approximately 70% meat, offal and bone. The meat and offal are an excellent source of protein, containing high levels of essential amino acids that are necessary for a dog's growth, maintenance and repair of tissues. Bones are a source of essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for strong bones and teeth.

The remaining 30% of our Premium recipes contain a unique blend of seasonal vegetables, fruits and natural superfoods.  

We only use the freshest possible human-grade ingredients. Wherever we can, we source locally from the Sunshine Coast - this is important not just for ethical reasons, but also because high quality ingredients have much higher nutritional values.

All our recipes are hand prepared and packed in small batches. The cuts of meat we use often vary from batch to batch which gives our recipes a unique variety. As a result, each batch can vary in colour and consistency.

Our Premium range has been developed in conjunction with a leading animal nutritionist. Each recipe is nutritionally ‘Complete and Balanced’, meeting the most vigorous international standards as set out by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and the NRC (National Research Council’s ‘Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats’).  Importantly we achieve this without adding any synthetic supplements.