100% Natural Raw Dog Food

Puppy Premium

With a healthy mix of proteins, this meal will provide your puppy with a variety of nutrients to help them thrive. It’s everything they need jam packed into one meal.

A blend of quality RSPCA approved chicken meat and ground bone, fresh Australian grass-fed beef meat and offal, combined with seasonal vegetables, fruit and superfoods. Packed with healthy mix of proteins, this meal will provide your puppy with a blend of nutrients to help them flourish. It’s everything they need jam packed into one meal.

This culminates in a biologically appropriate recipe, providing balanced nutrient levels to support optimal growth, health and vitality in our puppies.

Our Puppy Premium recipe is formulated for puppies aged 12 months and under.

Your puppies food will arrive frozen in 500g resealable containers.

Delivered to your door

Human-grade raw dog food made fresh on the Sunshine Coast

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